I only paint to try to tell something, I only paint to feel alive.
It doesn’t matter the machine, I just need the fuel to create,
If ideas are like droplets, the world is a tremendous ocean.
There are droplets in my mind and I need to take care of them.

When I am fine, my Sun converts the droplets into clouds,
Thanks to my Moon, the rain becomes a river irrigating my soul,
The Sun and the Moon drive the dance with the fuel for life,
It’s a merry go round ride, it’s a move that we call emotion.

When I listen to patients stories, I give them a warm welcome,
My Sun loses all its energy so the droplets begin to be heavier,
Then I feel stuck and frozen, indifferent to the human world.
That’s why I paint, to reconnect me and recharge my batteries.

When I feel complete, satisfied by the fulfilment of a dream,
My Sun is overproud and eclipses the cold power of the Moon,
Then I am on the seven heaven, disconnected from the reality,
I waste of my droplets in the air. On waking, I feel empty inside.

When I draw without inspiration, this is just a graphic question,
I don’t exist in these pictures, they are dry like a forced smile.
Then I need to take a new look at myself, I listen to my doubts.
The introspection always balances the Sun and the Moon powers.

Water and Art reflect my light, my image, my vision of the world,
Both can nourrish, carry, transform, dillute, extinguish the fire in me,
Both are the fuel of my life, an open door of my narcissistic realm.
Those droplets in my mind are my most treasured possessions.

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